All Mycenae jewellery is sold with our complimentary service to be used every six month’s. It is recommended that your jewels be checked for any minor damage that may cause stones to become loose from everyday wear. In your Mycenae complimentary jewellery service, your jewels will have all diamonds and gemstones checked for safety and security. We will also clean all dirt and residue from your jewellery and finally polish and rhodium plate if necessary.

All Mycenae jewellery is sold with a gorgeous timber box to house your brand new piece. When your jewellery is not being worn, it is recommended to place it back into the box as a routine. Jewellery is often misplaced and the Mycenae jewellery box is much harder to misplace.

General guidelines for wearing your jewellery.

Avoid wearing your jewellery whilst gardening, heavy lifting and any manual work.
Avoid going to the gym whilst wearing your jewellery, lifting weights can be very damaging to jewellery.
Avoid doing dishes whilst wearing your jewellery, cutlery can damage diamonds, gemstones and gold.
Avoid swimming whilst wearing your jewellery, the simple reason is our hands often shrink in the water, and sometimes rings can slip off.

I often use the comparison to a car when it comes to jewellery. If you drive your car without servicing it, it doesn’t run very smoothly. It’s the same with jewellery. All Mycenae jewellery comes with a complimentary service, I ask you to drop it in once every six month’s to be serviced. After the first 4-6 weeks of wearing a brand new piece I also ask you to drop it in for a quick service, as it’s not uncommon for stones to become slightly loose in this initial period of wear.
This has a two fold benefit -  

Your jewels will remain safe and secure, eliminating the possibility of any gemstones becoming loose, and potentially loosing them.
Your jewels will be looking spectacular, just like the day you purchased them, which allows you to feel happy and proud to wear them.

If at any stage you notice that one of your gemstones has become loose, please discontinue wearing the piece and contact me as soon as possible, so that we can address the situation. It’s not uncommon for gemstones to become loose as your hands are being used all day, if this happens it’s not safe to continue to wear the piece.

Pearl Care


Avoid exposing pearls directly to harsh chemicals, such as perfume and hairspray. If you are going out and you will be wearing your pearls, place all perfume and hairspray on before wearing your pearls. ( this will avoid them being sprayed or splashed directly )
Pearls are created in water, so it is perfectly acceptable to use a soft damp cloth, to simply wipe your pearls clean after they have been worn.
If your pearls are being worn regularly, it is advisable to have them checked once every twelve month’s for any wear and tear on the thread. If so they may require re stringing. Mycenae jewellery creations can help you with this service.

If you have any concerns related to your jewellery, please feel free to contact us and book an appointment.


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